Why are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – this is one statement you may have heard a million times over. Every woman would love to own her first diamond jewellery, or have another to boost her diamond jewellery collection. These are the four reasons why a diamond is the favourite precious stone of women all over the world:

1. Diamonds represent eternal love

The world-famous slogan “A Diamond is Forever” was first used by the De Beers Group in their engagement advertisement more than 70 years ago, with an image of a diamond ring and a couple sharing a loving embrace. This slogan perfectly captured the idea that diamonds represent eternal love – an idea that has been instilled in the minds of men and women alike for decades now.

You can prove your love by giving that special woman in your life a ring. But if you want to make an eternal promise of devotion to her, a diamond ring is your best choice. Once you have decided to give her a diamond ring, we recommend that you choose from top brands like Cartier, Chopard, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co, Givenchy, Canturi & Chanel.

2. Diamonds are romantic

What’s so romantic about a piece of carbon, you ask?

Well, some creative minds have successfully romanticised diamonds, and we believed them. You’ll see it in advertisements of top jewellery brands such as Cartier, Chopard, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co, Givenchy, Canturi & Chanel. We see our celebrities, musicians and movie stars dripping with diamonds. Diamonds have infiltrated every element of our popular culture, from movies, music videos and social media posts.

So little girls grow up with the dream of owning that first diamond jewellery, preferably given by their knight in shining armour in the form of an engagement ring. And they all lived happily ever after.

3. Diamonds last forever

The word “diamond” came from an ancient Greek term that means “unbreakable”. That alone says a lot about the durability and timeless appeal of this precious stone.

These two qualities make diamonds the perfect gift for your girlfriend, fiancee, wife or daughter, for any occasion. Chances are high that diamond jewellery will be the answer you’ll get when you ask women the best gift they have ever received.

And you never have to worry about giving too many diamonds. Women will always have room for diamonds in their jewellery box.

4. Diamonds are ideal heirlooms

Drawing from the fact that diamonds are one of the toughest precious stones on our planet, they have also emerged as one of the most popular heirlooms that mothers pass on to their children.

Diamonds are not meant to stagnate in jewellery boxes. They may be worn occasionally by women during formal gatherings, but they mean more to women than just glamorous accessories. They are an investment that they will be proud to leave behind.

These four reasons shed light on the logic behind that oft-quoted statement. If you are searching for top quality diamonds from Cartier, Chopard, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co, Givenchy, Canturi or Chanel at amazing prices, go now to our diamond jewellery auctions to find your dream diamond! Have fun diamond hunting!

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